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Zodiac Candle

Zodiac Candle

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★ The Zodiac Collection by WhiteDahliaCandleCo.

★ Choose your astrological sign with this custom collection! All twelve zodiac signs are available featuring their specific constellation as the perfect gift for someone or for yourself. This candle is for those interested in all things astrology and positive energy.

★ As always, our zodiac candles feature our signature highly scented fragrances and soy wax. Every candle is in the scent "Lavender Fields" for a fresh, relaxing vibe perfect for anyone!

Fire Signs: Aries ★ Leo ★ Sagittarius (Red Top)
Water Signs: Cancer ★ Pisces ★ Scorpio (Blue Top)
Earth Signs: Capricorn ★ Taurus ★ Virgo (Green Top)
Air Signs: Aquarius ★ Gemini ★ Libra (Grey Top)

★ Every zodiac candle is uniquely designed and poured into a clear jar with lid; each candle is hand-poured fresh, in small batches. Our scented candles fill up an entire room with a luxurious aroma that lasts for hours after the candle is blown out.

★ Highly scented, unique, and created with care, our candle collections are made for both enjoyment and inspiration. Zodiac candle designs are made to match fragrance. Please note, actual candle designs may vary due to the nature of hand-crafting each candle separately. We do our best and appreciate your understanding. Please take into account that scent throw varies depending on size of room and location.

DO NOT BURN A CANDLE ALL THE WAY DOWN. Always keep candle within eyesight when lit. Extinguish the flame if it comes too close to the holder or container. For a margin of safety, discontinue burning a candle when 2 inches of wax remains or ½ inch if in a container. Any residual oil or wax on the bottom could ignite and catch fire.

Don't toss your used candle jar! Place the candle into your freezer for a couple of hours; gently pry out the remaining wax then wash under hot water. You now have a new vase, a pencil cup, a plant holder - use your imagination! 

★ Zodiac Candle Specifications: 8oz | 2.75" W & 3.5" H
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